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To enrich, entertain and strengthen our community through supporting and presenting performing arts experiences and mentoring opportunities for all ages.


Imagine Performing Arts:

  • melds the traditions of volunteerism, camaraderie and entertainment and brings together theatre professionals and emerging talent in an inspiring environment to produce innovative and entertaining theatre experiences for all of our communities;

  • encourages participants of all ages to make the arts an active part of their lives through the provision of education and mentoring opportunities in the theater arts for all ages;

  • Provides emerging and established directors, writers, designers and actors with a nurturing environment to enhance their creative abilities and explore their talents;

  • encourages innovative partnerships that contribute to a vibrant arts community and foster a greater appreciation for the arts;

  • Works to attract new audiences to embrace and experience live theatre;

  • Encourages collaborations that are innovative, effective and mutually beneficial;

  • Fosters an enthusiastic and respected corps of individuals who serve as staff, volunteers and Board members; and

  • maintain fiscally sound organizational and financial management.

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