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igniting the imagination, inspiring the spirit,

engaging the community, and telling great stories.

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November 4-12, 2022

Elderly sisters Winnie & Lulu live in a shack by the river. Their surprise involvement

in a documentary film on poverty reveals a story of love, survival and strength

of the human spirit.

April 21-30, 2023

A story of Edwardian England - a world filled with love, resilience and humanity - and always running through it is the railway, in particular the 9:15 to London…

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April 16 - 25, 2020

This show has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Imagine Performing Arts is a Calgary-based

not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for artists, musicians and technicians

of ALL AGES to grow.

With a focus on working with artists of all ages and stages of their careers, Imagine Performing Arts is focused on the production of multidisciplinary work, expanding artistic boundaries, strengthening our community and supporting the development of our City's theatre artists.  But - above all, for Imagine, it’s about authenticity of performance and telling compelling stories.



"...above all, it's about authenticity...
telling compelling stories."

To get involved...


201, 6919 - 32 Avenue NW
Calgary AB Canada T3B 0K6


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