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JANUARY 23, 2021

Playreading of 'Gone To Glory' by Suzanne Finlay

For the inaugural Master Suite Theatre evening, we will be reading the Canadian play 'Gone To Glory' by Suzanne Finlay and we are looking for some performers to bring this - and future readings to life!

What do you need to be involved as a Performer?:

Virtual play reading requires actors who possess a sense of adventure, the ability to bring a story to life in this unique medium and a good internet connection.

How can you get involved as a Performer for one of the readings?:
If you are interested in taking part as a cast member for the 'Gone To Glory' reading, please click on the link (below) to sign-up. You will be asked for a pic and theatre resume so we can pass that along to the director/team.  THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS END OF DAY SATURDAY, JANUARY 16. Following that, about a week prior to the read, we will be in touch to confirm casting and additional details if you are cast.

If you are interested in putting your name on a permanent list of actors for consideration for Master Suite Theatre readings, please check off that box in the sign-up form as well!


About Gone To Glory:

Elderly sisters Winnie and Lulu live in a shack by the river. Their unexpected involvement in a documentary film on poverty reveals a story of love, survival and strength of the human spirit.
First Produced: 1986 by the Blyth Festival.


Gone To Glory Casting Notes:

LULU - early sixties

Lulu's life has offered few fulfillments beyond those which her own good humor can discover. Years of economic privation and social isolation have not destroyed her buoyant spirit.


WINNIE - 80+

Lulu's only remaining family. Before illness, frustration -and poverty made her irritable, Winnie was a pretty girl with conventional aspirations to home and family.


GOOGIE - early forties (trying to pass for early thirties)

An insecure woman with expensive tastes, newly vulnerable to the hazards of divorce. Until now her life has been relatively sheltered and fear and inexperience make her foolish.


BAKPAK - early twenties

A natural vagabond with a carefree heart. There is no malice in him and only enough guile to make him an able survivor.


TEDDI - late twenties

An ambitious, determined, talented young woman. The tough competition of the film world makes her ’tough-minded’. She does not suffer fools gladly.


PUG - any age

A good cameraman. Patient, even tempered; undemonstrative but observant.


Thanks for your interest, see you soon!