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An Imagine PA Play Reading Series






In January 2021, we started our Master Suite play reading program (online) in an effort to keep people creating during the pandemic.  From January - June (2021), we presented 7 shows (6 of those were new works), worked with over 50 artists, and over 800 people watched the shows.


And...since it was such a great success, we will be continuing the program during the season ahead.  For the 21/22 season, our MST play reading evenings will be conducted in-person with options for both live and online viewing for audiences. 

Unlike last year, we are not planning a set schedule for the readings - we will schedule MST evenings when we have shows that are ready to go.  SO, if you have a new script that you would love to have read at MST, please click on the link above and send us your info!

Wonder what the MST program is all about - here is some quick info:

  • MST is a play reading program - focused on giving voice to new works!.

  • MST evenings will be scheduled based on script submissions/demand.  MST evenings will typically be held on a Saturday evening.​

  • Works submitted should be no more than 2-acts in length and given the challenges with performing music online the script should either not contain songs or contain minimal music capable of being realized in this setting. 

  • Note: there are no fixed deadlines for script applications - we will evaluate submissions on an ongoing basis when they are received.

  • When we have shows to read, we will post a casting call - approximately two weeks before each play reading night. If you are interested in taking part as a cast member for a read, you will be able to send us your info through a link on this page. All submissions will be shared with show directors/teams.

  • If you just can't wait to let us know that you are interested (in acting and/or directing), you can forward your info to us at and please note you are interested in being part of a MST evening.​​

  • To submit a show, we will require:

    • Primary contact name and contact info - email / phone

    • Name of Director/Host for the piece/session

    • Show synopsis

    • Number of actors required

    • Show length

    • A copy of the script

    • If you don't have a Director/Host in mind yet, you can request that Imagine PA assign one for the reading.

  • Play reading requires actors who possess a sense of adventure, the ability to bring a story to life in this unique medium.​

  • Master Suite Theatre will be broadcast on our YouTube channel members and there will also be the opportunity for audience members to attend the readings live. There is no cost to attend or view the readings.

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