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After two years and two tries at staging this new show, the world - and the pandemic - still have different ideas for us all.  In terms of staging DOB2, we now turn our attention to 2021/2022 as a possibility to bring it to the stage . . . BUT for now, you can get a taste of DOB2 as it will be our featured Master Suite Theatre show on April 24, 2021.  For more information please see our Master Suite Theatre page.   

Dreams of Broadway 2 - a world-premiere musical revue

This follow-up to Imagine’s very first 2016 production began its journey pre-pandemic and was stopped only weeks short of opening last season. Now one year later, we pick up where we left off and return to the music of the Great White Way!


This original musical showcases the dreams, frustrations, passion and aspirations of a life in the arts. Dreams of Broadway 2 features 30 songs spanning 70 years – from shows that started it all, to the Broadway hits of today wrapped within a stirring story of the human spirit and the challenges of following your dreams.

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