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a one-act pandemic comedy

Eight months after a pandemic shut down theatres around the globe, four performers, each with their own unique talent, meet up on an empty stage. They each tell a tale of where they were when they first learned about the shut-down and how they have coped with the loss of their industry and passion in life.  As they reminisce, they put their heads together to figure out how four performers, from four different genres, might be able to work together to bring theatre back to the stage – and prove that no matter how small, we can all make a difference.


Bruce Fraser

Autumn Dang

Sara Mattsson

Rylan Nilsson

Deanna Mae

Shea Christie

Cheri Groot


Darryl Lindenbach (director/designer)

Jay Newman (author/co-director)

Jane Tetley (producer)

Cherie Caslyn (stage manager)