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Trevor O'Gorman as Perks

Trevor O’Gorman is a writer, actor, drag queen, and dance enthusiast from Calgary, Alberta.

Trevor is thrilled to be joining the cast and crew at Imagine Performing Arts for this production of Edith Nesbitt’s hit novel “The Railway Children” as Mr. Perks the station porter. For Trevor, a theatre is a place where audiences can learn about the world around them, introduce new points of view, and enable a place for thought-out conversation and discussion which helps make the world a better and happier place.

Trevor’s first foray into theatre began at age 8 with Stagestruck Theatre School where he fell in love with all things musical theatre, opera, contemporary dramas and classical works including (but not at all limited to) Shakespeare and Moliere.

A proud alumnus of the Our Lady of The Rocky Mountains Highschool marching band & colour guard program (formerly The Bishop Grandin High School Marching Ghosts), and alumnus of Encorps Winter Guard, Trevor carries his love of dance and movement with him in everything he does from live theatre to his work as a drag performance artist.


In October 2022, Trevor wrote and performed in a short vignette “The Game of Love Afterlife” as Virgil The Magic Mirror during Heritage Park Historical Village’s Ghouls Night Out Event, which he greatly enjoyed!


Trevor would like to thank his Dad, Paul O’Gorman, for being his biggest support since day 1, for believing in him and encouraging him to pursue a career in the arts and for all the love. Trevor would also like to thank the cast and crew of Imagine Performing Arts for giving him this opportunity to perform in a wonderful, uplifting, feel-good fun for all ages show and hopes that you all enjoy taking a train trip back in time to experience “The Railway Children”.”


Trevor in his own words . . .

What are you learning  from your character / role  in this production?

By playing Mr. Perks, I am learning about how perfect strangers can become good/friendly neighbours and how the power of community can be a force for good/change.

What is your favourite thing about THE RAILWAY CHILDREN so far?

My favourite thing about THE RAILWAY CHILDREN is that it’s a story about community and social responsibility of compassion to each other as fellow human beings set against the backdrop of an otherwise class-rigid and stern society that was Edwardian England at the time.

What message or specific moment from this story resonates with you?

Both when Mother and Perks apologize to the children for being angry with him, I think it’s a good lesson to impart on audiences that we should be okay with admitting when we were wrong or behaving poorly.

What do you value the most about being involved in a theatre production?

What I value most is a feeling of working together as a team/ensemble to put on a show we can proud of and that audiences will enjoy

When you're not working on a show, what else do you love to do?

When not in a theatre show or performing in drag; I enjoy nature walks, reading, video games and cooking

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