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Rosalind Jackson Roe as Bobbie

Rosalind Jackson Roe (she/her) is an Alberta-based theatre artist who recently graduated from Baylor University with a BFA in Theatre Performance and BBA in Digital Marketing. Passionate about exploring humanity through language and storytelling, she particularly connects with theatre that reimagines history and demands a thorough examination of what matters most to each of us. Recent favorite roles include Goneril in King Lear, Suze in the Texas debut of Fairview, Emma in Emma and Claire in Proof. 

Rosalind in her own words . . .

What are you learning from your character/role in this production?

Playing a young person is such a gift for an actor because it is so physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. Children have an earnestness and demand authenticity in a way that I think many adults have forgotten how to do. Having the chance to connect back into the pure joy and zest for life, regardless of the circumstances, while still undergoing the painful process of growing up in one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of tackling Bobbie. 

What message or specific moment from this story resonates with you?

There is one beautiful moment that finishes the show (which I won't spoil, come see the show if you want specifics ) which makes me weepy every time. It underlines the themes of hope, family, and joy that are really the driving forces of this beautiful play. We could all use a little more joy and beauty in our lives, and this production has that in spades.

You can follow Rosalind on her website and on Instagram @rosroe

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