Rules Of The Game

a new play by Christi Dos Santos

Master Suite Theatre Play Reading - Saturday, February 27, 2021 @ 7:00PM

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in being involved in our second Master Suite Theatre evening!

We are excited to announce the cast for our February 27, 2021 show – RULES OF THE GAME - a NEW play by Christi Dos Santos.  The cast features Autumn Dang, Christa Hanson, Morgan Hayley Smith, Hayley Klepper, Sara Mattsson and Shandra McQueen and the reading is directed by Erin Noble.

The reading of ‘Rules of the Game’ will be streamed on our YouTube Channel (Imagine PA) at 7:00PM this Saturday, February 27.  Audiences may access the reading at - there is no charge and there will be a short talkback/Q&A session following the reading where the audience is also encouraged
to ask questions.

About Rules Of The Game

In a public relations firm, Colby, a failed economics PhD and Dani, a street smart go-getter, start their first day of work together, and forge an unlikely friendship as they navigate through a volatile workplace.


Late one night, a questionable incident occurs that puts their friendship to the test. As workplace tensions rise, the question of what actually transpired that night can no longer be ignored.

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