Gone to Glory Cast post.png

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in our new Master Suite Theatre AND we are excited to announce the ‘cast’ for our first Evening.


This Saturday evening we will be reading Suzanne Finlay’s ‘Gone to Glory’ with the following cast bringing this great script to life: Charlotte Loeppky, Wendy Froberg, Ginette Simonot, Jay Newman, Ainsley Daumler, Ray Dhaliwal, and Stuart Bentley.  The reading is ‘directed’ by Erin Noble and Darryl Lindenbach.

We will be streaming the reading of Gone to Glory on our new YouTube Channel (Imagine PA) at 7:00pm this Saturday, January 23. Watch for more info available here soon.

About Gone to Glory: Elderly sisters Winnie and Lulu live in a shack by the river. Their unexpected involvement in a documentary film on poverty reveals a story of love, survival and strength of the human spirit. First Produced: 1986 by the Blyth Festival.

Want to watch the Play Reading?   Click on the link below.