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Harold Squire

Assistant Director / Technical Director / Props / Sound Design & Railway Superintendent

Harold has never worn so many hats for a show before.  As you can see above, he is involved in most of the areas of this production.  This has been a great joy for Harold, though it has made it difficult to explain to friends what he's been doing for these past 5 months. 

Harold is a musician proficient in trumpet, ukulele, and singing.  He has been involved with shows for a number of years, including The Canadian Badlands Passion Play, The Woman in Black, Gone to Glory, Carmen, and West Side Story.  The Railway Children has let Harold flex a few new muscles as well as some old ones.


Acting and sound design are things Harold has experience in, but directing and props are very new and fresh. 


Harold would really like to thank the whole cast and crew of The Railway Children, this has been a very smooth run and he can't wait for the audience to see it.  Additionally Harold thanks Auri Forda, for her cello playing and composition.

Harold in his own words . . .

 What are you learning  from your character / role  in this production?  

There are WAY more props than you think in this show...


 What is your favorite thing about THE RAILWAY CHILDREN so far?  

The way that Phyllis is written.  I see my own nephews in her character and I cannot help but laugh as 

Fiona brings her to life.

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