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For your information . . .

An invitation* to our Valued Patrons, from Imagine Theatre


 *We request your discretion in discussing this event with members of “lawful society", 

or with anyone who might snitch on our operations.  

Please endeavour to ‘speak easy’ about this event.


You are cordially invited to attend a grand celebration

at our new establishment on

 Nov. 4, “1923” 

at 8:00pm to 10:00pm.  

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to ensure you are at the correct location. 



Refreshments and suitable beverages

will be available to all attendees.  

Excellent and upstanding entertainment 

will include a live band, dance floor and special talent

presented by esteemed members of our artists' community.


Our goal is to raise funds to help support the work of Imagine Theatre 

(also known as Imagine Performing Arts Society),

 in anticipation of their upcoming season of artistic enrichment

and service to our Calgary and area communities. 

Activities will include a SILENT AUCTION and SECRET RAFFLE.


All attendees shall acquire a ticket and henceforth will receive further details about the location and how to access the event.  

Admission is $30 per attendee,

which includes a Beverage Ticket 

and access to the evening’s Entertainment.

If you have the means to register in the year 2023,

you may use this code to obtain a ticket to the evening’s events:


We strongly suggest to register early, as we have limited seating, 

but will keep a wait list for late reservations.


Guests are encouraged to dress in their best attire for the times. 

~ Thank you for supporting Imagine Theatre ~


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