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Fiona Getty as Phyllis

Fiona Getty is a student who adores acting and theatre and is very excited to play the role of Phyllis.


Past productions include musical theatre, in the role of Mrs Potts in Beauty and the Beast Jr., where Fiona performed her first solo to a live audience, and she portrayed Lucia in a stage adaptation of Max Lucado’s You are Special.

The community that comes with theatre is like a second family to her. Every drama group she has been a part of was welcoming, and the relationships she built with the other performers were consistently enthusiastic and genuine.

Through all of her theatrical pursuits, Fiona’s family and friends have offered much encouragement and support for her, faithfully coming to every show, her parents driving her to numerous rehearsals.  She has a strong team with unwavering support and is so grateful for everyone who has had faith in her and helped her pursue her dreams. 

Fiona in her own words . . .

What are you learning from your character/role in this production?

Phyllis is such a fun character to play. Not only have I learned so much about acting with her, but also about how to be yourself. Phyll is fairly young and naive, but that doesn’t stop her from speaking her mind and asking questions. Even if she happens to be way off the mark, she says it anyway—because she’s not afraid of what others think. From Phyllis’ brutal honesty and curiosity, I’ve learned that it’s alright to be yourself, even if it means messing up every once in a while. 


What do you value the most about being involved in a theatre production?

The things I value the most when I’m in a production are definitely the connections I make with the cast and crew. There are some amazing people involved in theatre—especially in this show—and I’m so blessed to be able to meet and work with all of them. 


When you’re not working on a show, what else do you love to do?

Music has always been one of my passions: singing makes my heart happy and I love to learn new songs on my ukulele. Writing is another thing I really enjoy. An afternoon where I could sit down with a cup of tea and an idea for a novel or short story sounds incredible.  When she is not on the stage, Fiona enjoys writing original novels, reading books no one has heard of and watching old movies. Reader’s theatre is something else she loves to do when she is stuck at home.

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