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Elizabeth Fairhurst as Mother

Circa 1987 a disenchanted young woman took herself to watch  “Blythe Spirit.” She was intrigued by the programmes invitation to join the group and wondered if it might be fun to “be” someone else for a sojourn.

So the bug bit.  On her return to UK, she enrolled in a Theatre Royal acting diploma, then played with The Jubilee Players, for 16 years. 

A favourite role was a challenging Alan Bennett “Talking Heads” performance - 40 minutes on stage (in the round) totally solo. 11 pages of dialogue learned to the drone of a vacuum in between school runs.

Arriving in Canada in 2006 she discovered a niche with St. Peter’s Players, enjoying roles including the Baroness in The Sound of Music, and Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady.

When her dear Dad passed midway through the run of “Into the Woods” she took a break from acting, but stayed in touch with the wonderful folk she met through Community Theatre and their encouragement has guided her to dip her toe back in the water.

Elizabeth offers love and thanks to her 3 children, family and friends, home and away, for their encouragement and patience, and special thanks to Merlin for walking her to help clear her head for lines.

Elizabeth in her own words . . .


"My character is teaching me a composed tenacity.  I am valuing the wonderful feeling of camaraderie in coming together to deliver this wonderful story of hope and resilience in turbulent times. Good will win if you hold true to your values.

"Away from the stage I love eating, cooking, walking, dancing, theatre, and game shows!"


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