In April, Imagine Performing Arts presents Dreams of Broadway 2!

This follow-up to Imagine PA’s very first 2016 production takes us back to the music of the Great White Way as our original story showcases the dreams, frustrations, passion and aspirations of a life in the arts.  Dreams of Broadway 2 features 30 songs spanning 70 years – from shows that started it all, to the Broadway hits of today!!


Dreams of Broadway 2 runs from April 16 - 25, 2020 at the West Village Theatre.


Maya Pawlick, Bonni Pierce, Erin Demers, Ivy Poetker, Bruce Fraser, Jane Tetley

Kal Macdonald, Jason Thomas, Harold Squire, Jeff Larsen, Ellie Downing

Daniella Snyders-Blok, Alexa Jobs, Shannon Vollema, Claire Oliphant

Jane Davies, Maya Kowalczewski, Bianca Hu, Curtis Goldthorpe, Cyril Mohareb


Director, Production Design: Darryl Lindenbach

Musical Directors: Harold Squire and Colleen Lindenbach

Choreographer: Kal Macdonald; Ass't Choreographer: Jenna Fraser

Book: Jay Newman & Darryl Lindenbach

Producer: Erin Noble

Costume Design/Coordinators: Sonjia Stevenson, Siobhan McDowell

©2019 Imagine Performing Arts Society