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Doug Crowe as Mr. Szezcpansky

This is Doug's first theatre experience since grade 6 and he is very excited for this new adventure. He has loved theatre as an audience member for 40+ years and decided it was time to stand on the other side of the stage. His previous acting experience was as ‘thug #2’ and ‘frightened farmer’ in the Netflex series Damnation :)  A long time ago, at the University of Victoria, he wrote plays.

Doug loves music and plays in several Calgary cover bands as well as teaching music  (guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, praise band). Doug's happy place is on a lake being towed behind a boat with family and friends. 

He thanks the creative team of The Railway Children for giving him this chance and to Lorrie for supporting him in this adventure.


Doug in his own words . . .

 What are you learning from your character/role in this production?  

How to speak a bit of Russian and how to fall down without hurting myself.

 What is your favorite thing about THE RAILWAY CHILDREN so far?

Watching the other cast and crew turn the words on the page into a funny and touching story


What message or specific moment from this story resonates with you?

I love the scene in which Bobbie "becomes" an adult as she truly understands what her mother is going through. The underlying message of being of service and kind to people at many levels and by so many of the characters it what leads to the resolution of so many problems


What do you value the most about being involved in a theatre production?

For me personally, it’s the chance to grow in an activity that I am not really comfortable be jolted by stepping out of my comfort zone. As a cast group member, it’s wonderful to see everyone create on the fly. I particularly enjoy discovering the humour in some of the very sly dialogue.


When you're not working on a show, what else do you love to do?

I love music in all its forms; playing it, listening to it, and teaching it. I love Sunday dinners with family and friends with raucous discussion and uninhibited laughter.

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