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Esther Ikporo

Yellow! This is Esther, and she is 15 years old. She loves to sing, act and dance as a hobby, but she's hoping to turn it into a career someday.

For her, doing theatre is a way of expressing herself, as she's a naturally shy person around new people she doesn't really know... sometimes! Theatre is fun for her and she strongly believes the people in it are amazing, creative individuals. 

She likes to occasionally read books and write short, personal stories to read for herself. Another amazing thing about Esther is that she loves to watch old, ancient Broadway shows, especially 13: The Musical - it's definitely her favourite musical of all time, and she believes the songs are the most amazing to sing. She would definitely recommend watching the full Broadway show on Youtube.

Esther in her own words . . .

When you're not working on a show, what else do you love to do?

When Esther is not working on a show, she is usually singing, watching singing video essays, reading, or just exploring the world of Broadway and music.


What is your favourite thing about this show so far?

One of Esther's favourite things about this show so far was the photos. She definitely can't explain why she enjoyed it so much, but she can say for sure that she enjoyed getting photos taken for the show.

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