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Charu Sockanatha

Elsie Perks / Ensemble

Despite being 10 years old, Charu has not been a stranger to the stage. Her confidence and stage presence was noticed at a tender age of 5 when she was chosen to MC at a school winter concert in front of a full theatre. She has previously taken formal speech lessons at MRU which gave her numerous experience of group ensembles, solos and formal recitals. She also undertook musical theatre with Music and Play which included an online production of Frozen junior, Matilda's 'Naughty' arrangement and 'The Show must go Online'. 

She is currently working on her role for her school musical 'The Granny Awards'. Charu's voice was even recorded for the play 'The Woman in Black' in 2019.


She has a passion for music and has always been in school choirs. She undertook formal singing lessons last year and has been learning the piano from a young age. She enjoys performing her musicality on stage.


Charu is thrilled to be performing in The Railway Children. She enjoys her straight talking, curious character Elsie and has also has fun playing the character of a young boy. The experience of working alongside the experienced cast members and producers of this play has been inspiring for her.


In her spare time Charu enjoys hanging out with her brother, friends and dog Cleo. She likes building Lego sets and playing board games. She bikes and hikes with her family and looks forward to annual trips back to the UK.


Charu's parents have always encouraged and supported her throughout her fine arts. Thanks and recognition to Harold Squire and the Music & Play team for enabling the fun and unique opportunities that have been offered to her over the years.

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