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Catherine Edwards as Mother

A Native Londoner, Catherine is loving the chance to step back in time to revisit a childhood favourite, ‘The Railway Children’!


A seasoned triple threat, she has been appearing on stage, radio, Film, and Television since childhood. Various credits include dancing with Alberta Ballet, choreographing and singing with Calgary Opera, acting for Disney, and Guest Starring on CBC’s long-running series, ‘Heartland’. She is also a recognized voice in the animation world, appearing in everything from Anime to video games, as well as numerous children’s shows. Recent projects include voicing West Jet’s much-lauded SpaceX parody.

In her spare time, she loves working on her original music and compositions for her next CD & various film projects—but her favorite pastime is spending time with her beloved husband, who makes every day a joy.


Catherine in her own words . . .


What is your favorite thing about this show so far? 

“Stepping back in time, absolutely! Understanding that ultimately, a Mother’s fears, hopes and wants may be the same as today—but her constraints, challenges, expectations are vastly different, given the era and social conventions of the day. Mother’s character is quite literally ‘Grace Under Pressure’ in the unrelenting formality of her time, something which has inspired profound respect and awe in me.” 

 What message or specific moment from this story resonates with you?

“I love the symbolism of the train’s arrivals and departures; it is beautifully, vividly representative of the family’s current life and experiences—the entrances and exits of these richly colourful characters who intertwine with their lives, ultimately affecting and impacting the lives of all involved.  I am also particularly fond of the children’s genuinely innocent and good intentions, in all the new situations they find themselves in—despite the often awkward, accompanying fallout!”

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